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It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work to reach the top especially when coming to professionalism, Okubote Fisayo Olusegun is a professional in his field as a corporate accountant. He’s a tutor, a mentor, and a motivator, he’s an advocate of success who believes school or certificate does not determine success. Mindset, dedication, hard work, love what you are doing and stop giving excuses, determine success.
Fisayo is an industrious and an ambitious guy, he’s a first-class team player blessed with reasonability, this gift of reasoning had made him unique among colleagues.

Fisayo attended local government school 2, Sango Ota and Ansar UD Deen Comprehensive High School Sango Ota, where he obtained first school leaving certificate and secondary certificate respectively.
As a self developer, he obtained both National and Higher National Diploma certificate in accountancy department from Federal Polytechnic Ilaro. During ND days he emerged as High commissioner of Joint mind club and also as first coordinator in Distinction candidate tutorial.
He did his National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) in River State at Khana local government where he has meet notable people Dumka, Baffi, Peace just to mention a few.

He gained experience and honed skills from BEN AUTO event place and JITA TV AFRICA as accountant/digital marketer.
Fisayo has achieved a lot of entrepreneurial skill, just to mention a few, fashion designing, Graphics designing, Digital marketing, web development e.t.c, speaking of seminar he has gone to several seminar.
His passion can be gauge from the fact that he likes making impact in people life, through the ability of critical reasoning he has contributed to at least 88% of people around him, he enjoys counseling people especially when coming to success, he loves to talk about success because he is a guy that never find the true definition of success.

When coming to women, he loves women but he decided to stay with one woman from his perspective of view he believes if you want to become a successful man stick with one woman she will help you achieve everything.
At leisure time, Fisayo enjoys blogging (he has been blogging since secondary school, he believes blogging can make him reach out to people)
Fisayo holds beliefs that regardless of his achievement in life the best of him is yet to be unleashed. He dreams to become a great philanthropist.
Lastly, he is engaged with Dosumu omobusola.consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit.




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